Web Development

From website to intranet to blog no matter what your online needs might be I can provide the solution. I develop with PHP and MySQL.


When it comes to HTML less is more. I write concise, semantic HTML and CSS which ensures the websites I make are SEO friendly and structured for easy updating with no code bloat.


Most commonly known for rendering Flash obsolete jQuery can add some extra bells and whistles that can really be the difference between a good site and a great site.


Currently powering 43% of the web WordPress is a widely used open source content management system. Highly customisable and greatly optimised it’s an excellent springboard for development of your online presence.

Custom CMS Development

If you want to manage your website content but would rather opt for something slightly more scaled down I can tailor make a bespoke solution to fit your requirements.

Responsive Websites

We’re living in an age where mobile devices account for more than 50% of global internet traffic. To not have a mobile friendly website is to cut yourself off from a daily expanding market.